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The Story Behind Loss Awareness Day

I’m Michele Bell, The Grief Warrior®

I’m no stranger to loss. I lost my son, Nicky, who transitioned from bone cancer at the tender age of 18. I lost my brother to suicide six years ago. I lost my best friend to murder at 18. 

Yet through it all, one thing keeps me going: community.

Loss Awareness Day isn’t a holiday; it’s a movement to empower awareness, support, and strength in the grieving community. For decades, I’ve dedicated my entire life and career to guiding and advocating for this community as a Grief Coach and Leader. 

On September 29th, we’re transforming our pain into purpose. 

Why Loss Awareness Day?

Loss can mean the loss of a human, pet, relationship, or sense of self. Loss impacts our mental health, leaving many adults and children with hidden trauma to carry each day. It’s time to stop carrying this trauma and start moving with it together.

But the very first step in healing is making space for our loss. We begin to heal when we honor and allow ourselves to move WITH our losses.

It’s time to move from HIDING from the pain of our losses and HEAL together. Loss Awareness Day is just the beginning. Let’s make space for our hearts to heal. Let’s transform our pain into purpose.

Why September 29th?

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth. But what is fall?

Fall makes us comfortable with loss. It empowers us to see beauty in change, move WITH our memories, and slow down.

This is just one reason 9/29 is going to be Loss Awareness Day. I chose this date with the purest intention for our grief community.

Angel Number 929 is all about new beginnings. It’s about moving WITH, transformation, and change.

Why is 9/29 specific in numerology? 9/11 comes to mind when choosing this day. This day is a courageous momentum that touches our loss journey.

A date to remember - 9/29/2022 represents infinity - its plan of the eternal intention of limitlessness and unconditional love.

Healing Starts with Awareness.

The energy of the community is raw and real. Public figures are speaking up, sharing their stories, and making waves. In August, our beloved Lisa Marie Presley opened up about the loss of her son to suicide in 2020. 

She knew it was uncomfortable, even unpopular, to talk about. But, even more, she knew the undeniable strength and power of spreading awareness.  

We energetically connected this past August virtually when she reached out to me sincerely, wanting nothing more than how she could help in my mission for the Loss Awareness Day petition. "How can I help you," she humbly shared and followed me on IG. I was thrilled. The synchronicities were in alignment. I started working on the process, choosing the dates through numerology and meditation devised “intentionally” for our shared loss collectively.

My Why for 9/29

Numerology is  one modality I usehow to intentionally navigate and manifest thoughtout my journey, retreats and even my books. It will only make sense if you BELEIVE. And I beleive that shareing this will allow even more growth in our path.

Lisa Marie and her father, Elvis, and Austin, share the Lifepath #9 that represents “The Humanitarian” We now have three 9 Lifepath numbers. Please wait for it.
Ben was 27 when he transitioned. 2+7=9
Four 9’s = 36 • 3+6=9
September is Suicide Awareness Month. My brother died by suicide. Lisa Marie and I share a similar loss so this month honors this intention.   
Loss Awareness September 29 date represents 11 - 2+9=11
My father and I share the same LifePath numbers as Lisa Marie and Elvis. Lifepath #11, “The Healer
My son died on the 29th of December (2005)
My three 11’s = 33, which is my Nickys Lifepath #33

I believe in divine connections, which is why I feel Lisa Maria was an incomparable force of love and energy. She was a devoted mother who was taken from us too soon, leaving everyone completely shocked.

What I admired most about Lisa Marie was she represented a powerful, unconditional love for motherhood. Her spirit radiated brilliance and touched everyone who crossed paths with her, myself included. 

In loving memory of Lisa Marie Presley, please sign this petition to have our 9/29 declared "Loss Awareness Day." This is something Lisa was interested in making happen. Let's dedicate a day to never forgetting our loved ones beyond the veil.

This is the next step. With more awareness, we create more community. With more support, we can find more hope, light, and love after loss.

Loss is a Part of the Human Experience. It’s Time to Make Space for it.

  • 2.5 million people die in the U.S. annually, leaving ~12.5 million grieving family and friends. 
  • 1.5 million children in the U.S. lose one or both parents before they get to high school. 
  • 1.05 million people died in the U.S. alone from COVID-19.

Through it all, we move in silence. But Loss Awareness Day changes this. It gives our community a voice. It advocates for our needs. It’s not about “moving on” but making space for loss. 

With 1 million signatures, we can get Loss Awareness Day on the calendar and begin our journeys toward change, healing, and community.

I appreciate your support,

Michele Bell, The Grief Warrior®

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
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