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Reverse the 4-10-2012 decision to close Lexington and move the children.

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I am a wife and mom of two children. I am a native Santa Clara County resident (since 1970) and have seen the Valley of Hearts Delight slowly change into the world-renown Silicon Valley. Since 1998, I have the privilege to live in Los Gatos where it is an amazing place to live and raise a family.

Our community is beautiful, unique, and global. It is one of the reasons why we attract and welcome many people from all over the world to visit and become part of this great community.

On April 10th, 2012, I attended a regular Los Gatos Union School District Board of Trustees General Meeting. Along with over 300 people in attendance, I wanted to participate in a public discussion of an Agenda Item 5.5 Lexington Update (Discussion/Action): Assistant Superintendent Paulides, accompanied by Mike Kleames from Pacific Crest Engineering and Melinda Lum from HMC Architects, will present the California Geological Survey response letter dated March 27, 2012 for Board discussion and action.

After the updates, presentations and quick break, the Board of Trustees decided to discuss and act upon an item that was not on the agenda because of a mysterious requirement to take action.

The sudden decision essentially closed Lexington Elementary School.

The sudden decision will affect my child, her education, our family, other children and their families, our neighborhood, our entire community, and our property values.

The sudden decision to close Lexington Elementary School; then, move and relocate the children to RJ Fisher Middle School (downtown) was made without any public input/discussion. It was not on the April 10th, 2012 agenda. There were two other motions made that were also not on the agenda with another notable "non-agenda item" to stop all Lexington Construction project expenditures.

Apparently, the deliberate and sudden decision was made privately and contrary to an open and public meeting where everyone is allowed to attend and participate in discussions (reference The Brown Act & School Board Meetings, January 2007).

In the 4 years that I have attended the Board of Trustees Workshops and General Meetings, I have never seen a policeman in any of these meetings until April 10th, 2012.

The Board of Trustees must have known what their decision was prior to scheduled Board Meeting. It concerns me and makes me wonder whether there are other "non-agenda" items being discussed and acted upon privately and not publicly.

The sudden decision will close the doors of a 153 year old elementary school, the heart of the Lexington Hills. Lexington History:

The sudden decision will bring an end to the special elementary school that has been a center of many children activities and events.

The sudden decision was made without stating that an emergency exists due to a crippling disaster, activity, or dire emergency (reference The Brown Act & School Board Meetings, January 2007).

I would like the LGUSD Board of Trustees to reverse/rescind their April 10th, 2012 sudden decision and the additional vote on April 24th, 2012 to close/move/relocate Lexington's K - 5th to downtown facilities that are substandard and inadequate.

Please continue to keep this special elementary school (19700 Old Santa Cruz Highway, Los Gatos, CA 95033) open for the children and the future children of our community.

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