"Van Nuys Airport Voluntary Nighttime Curfew Now!"

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Tom Materna started this petition to Los Angeles World Airport Board of Airport Commissioners


Save our sleep! We need a Voluntary Night Time Curfew for Van Nuys Airport NOW!

Due to the Increase in Aircraft noise from the FAA NextGen Metroplex changes all Communities are experiencing an increase in late night and early morning noise from low altitude aircraft miles from the airports. Many families are experiencing interrupted sleep which is affecting their health and well being.

With the onset of NextGen, which is bringing more jets flying low and loud over our once quiet neighborhoods, there has also been a significant increase in jet and helicopter flights over us in the dead of night and the early mornings hours.

Next Gen Hell video link:  https://youtu.be/LcpYu3uMGFQ

The jet noise is loud, constant and stressful. It is interfering with our sleep and our children’s sleep, which in turn, is interfering with our work and the ability of our children to function at school. Sleep disturbance has been shown to contribute to significant health problems, including chronic stress and cardiac events.

Both Burbank Airport and Santa Monica Airport already have voluntary curfews. Van Nuys Airport largely caters to private executive jets who can schedule their own flight plans and times. This petition supports the motion that has been passed by the Van Nuys Airport Citizens Advisory Council which has been sent to the LA Board of Airport Commissioners for approval on February 6th 10:00am.

This motion  is supported by Los Angeles City Council Members, Homeowner Associations and Neighborhood Councils, Senators and Congressmen but that may not  be enough to get it approved by the Board of Airport Commissioners.

The motion calls for a 10pm-7am Voluntary Curfew, which applies to all aircraft at Van Nuys Airport and 10pm to 9am on weekend and holidays.  The Board or Airports need to hear from you with this petition and or in person.    

If there is a voluntary night curfew in place we believe that most jet owners and helicopter pilots will reschedule their flight plans to avoid the curfew hours, reducing the amount of jets and helicopters that travel over us in the dead of night. Currently they are not even asked to consider those of us who have our sleep constantly disrupted under these loud aircraft. 

Emergency flights and police will still be able to travel at any time, to save lives and property. They are exempted!

Executive jet owners and Los Angeles World Airports need to understand that while the economic development of a city is important, so too is the right of its residents to a decent night's sleep.

This petition and signatures will be delivered to the Los Angeles World Airport Board when they are scheduled to vote on the motion on February 6th 10:00 AM at LAX Samuel Greenberg Board Room 107 Clifton A. Moore Administration Building at Los Angeles International Airport 1 World Way Los Angeles, CA 90045,  Please attend in person for this vote if you can and speak up during public comments .FREE parking  is available in structure 1.

 Also you can call the board office at 424-646-6263 and express your support for this motion.

Link to the full study and data  presented at the Citizens Advisory Council when the motion passed there on November 5th 2019



0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!