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Change the pick up and drop off locations for children in rural areas.

On Friday February 14th 2014, 14 year old Gage Rossi was hit by a car and killed crossing the street to his bus, The street where Gage lived is a 2 lane road with alot of traffic and the speed limit is 55 mph, there are no stop signs, no street lights, and no crossing gaurd. Gage's mother Laura had asked the district before to pull onto the side of the road they lived on, and the district told her no, because they do not pull onto private property. The accident happened at 6:10 am, when it is barely light out. Gage was crossing the street and a 66 year old man went around the bus as it was coming to a stop and hit Gage. We need to change these policies and stop this from happening again.

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  • Los Angeles Unified School District Transportation Policy Eastside school District

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