Pali Elementary Graduation - All Family Members should be Welcome to Attend

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Fifth grade graduation is a milestone and a memorable occasion for both the child and their family. Six years of an elementary school education culminates into the children saying good-bye to a school that shaped their very young, formative years and their first experience through their formal educational journey.

The memory of this milestone does not stop with the child. For us parents we have seen our child grow from a small Kindergartner to a budding Preteen, who will be moving on to their middle school journey.

This milestone should be celebrated by all who want to attend. Like surrounding elementary schools, Canyon Elementary and Marquez Elementary, we should be permitted to rent a tent with chairs and a stage...just as our school did two years ago. An inclusive family ceremony should continue with all classes going forward.

We know there are many parents working hard to put on a great event - they deserve many thanks. The request to move graduation outdoors is not at all meant to undermine the work they have put in thus far. 

Pali is about family, community and inclusivity. It is also known that when we have the chance to do the right thing, we always do. We have parents willing to help, take the lead, and do whatever is necessary to make the graduation ceremony available for all of the family of the graduates to attend. 

Celebrating this milestone should not be limited to two tickets per student. While some families were fortunate to obtain two additional tickets via a lottery, some families did not receive ANY additional tickets. This has left a situation in which close family members such as sibling who want to see their brother or sister graduate can not.

If a request had not been made to the Principal at the end of April to discuss this matter and if an alternate solution was not made available to the school back on May 2nd, perhaps one could say that it is too late to have an inclusive Fifth Grade graduation.

We have a fellow 5th grade parent who helped to organize the graduation at Pali two years ago and helped to organize the tent rental and ceremony for the graduating class of 2016 and she contacted the same rental company on May 1st and received a quote to rent the same equipment for our 5th grade graduates. The tent, stage, and chairs are on reserve and will cost roughly $5,000. There is at least one family who is willing to donate $1,000 for the rentals. Our class can raise the additional funds by pitching in to pay for the rental.

We ask that if you agree that our fifth grade children (and future graduating classes if similar space limitations exist ) should be afforded the same opportunity as the 2016 graduating class by moving the graduation outside and being permitted to rent a tent please sign the petition ASAP.

If you are willing to donate $60, $70, $80 or even more, please mention that in the comments. Also, mention how many seats you would want if the number is unlimited.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Our children deserve to have every loved one watch them graduate.

Steve & Gabi Brumbach and Kari Weaver & Dave Czerniewski