Request immediate action for replacement CYNTHIA DIAZ principal of Strathern Elementary .

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We request immediate action for replacement of Strathern Elementary principal CYNTHIA DIAZ.

The parents of students at Strathern School Elementary and Community request the immediate replacement of principal Cynthia Diaz. Many parents and students have had many issues with her throughout the years. She mistreats the students and has no people skills with the parents and has insinuated parents are not welcome at school grounds, so that we do not witness her improper behavior towards our children. We have complained to the Los Angeles Unified School District and we have not been heard. We provided the school district with letters from parents indicating children have suffered from severe bullying and have been hospitalized as a result. Ms. Diaz has threatened the children not to inform their parents of her mistreatment. We notified to, Elementary Instructional Director John Rome of the situation occurring at Strathern Elementary, he was provided with letters from concerned parents. He then began his investigation and interviewed several children at the school. Where he confirmed our complaints were true. Ms. Diaz intimidates the children by throwing her keys on her desk and yelling at them.

In the past Strathern has had approximately 850 children in attendance, this year 2017 school year the attendance has dropped by 30% to approximately 600 children. We have attempted to notify Ms. Diaz her actions are not correct and she has not been cooperative and continues to mistreat the students and parents. Children attending the school have either changed school or are now attending a psychologist or therapist to help them cope with this mistreatment.

Parents have recently discovered that another school previously encountered the same problem with her at Gridley Elementary located in San Fernando, CA and was removed from that school due to her misconduct. The school district transferred her to Strathern Elementary and did not take the appropriate action, where the problem continued. We request she is IMMEDIATLY terminated from our school.

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