We Demand the Immediate Resignation of UTLA President Cecily Myart-Cruz!

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We, the parents of LAUSD and other community members, are calling for the resignation of Cecily Myart-Cruz, president of UTLA (United Teachers of Los Angeles). Ms. Myart-Cruz continuously uses bullying tactics to further her agenda of control over LAUSD. She has launched a campaign to misrepresent and disenfranchise 1,000’s of LAUSD families from ALL communities.

These campaigns have included racist and disparaging remarks, including calling out “white and Middle Eastern families” in one of her Facebook posts. Ms. Myart-Cruz has also taken it upon herself to speak for the entire Black & Brown parent body when she claims they are not ready to return. Many parents from these communities have said differently. But ANYONE who speaks out against her and UTLA’s position is immediately blocked from the union’s social platforms and their comments are removed. All parent voices deserve to be heard and all parents have the right to speak for themselves!

In addition, Ms. Myart-Cruz and UTLA refuse to commit to an agreement that will ensure schools reopen once all teachers have been vaccinated. Instead, UTLA continues to move the goalposts, in an attempt to bargain for demands that were not met in their last strike.

We have sat by long enough and we will no longer be silenced! Ms. Myart-Cruz’s actions are destroying LAUSD and hurting its students. Our kids deserve better and should not be used as pawns for her agenda!