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Los Angeles Times: Stop the War on Raves

Electronic dance music scene has been growing and evolving for over 20 years, both locally and worldwide, into a vibrant culture. Our culture has always fostered unity and collaboration and advocated for peace, respect, and compassion amongst not just our members but in the larger society. It is unfortunate that the Los Angeles Times made the decision to focus on the few negative incidents which unfortunately happen in almost any large concert, festival, or sporting event setting.  The incidents cited were not put into context with any other large event or musical genre. 

Coverage that fails to make accurate and fair comparisons incites fear and perpetuates intolerance.  It also ignores our culture's contributions of art, charity, joy, and kindness.  We are asking the Los Angeles Times, after their most recent articles, to do a fair report and investigate the many societal (and not just economic) benefits electronic dance music culture provides.


Here are some of the articles:,0,5564847.story


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