Justice for Robert Fuller

¡¡Justice for Robert Fuller!!
This type of violent abuse against another human being due to discrimination and racism can no longer be ignored, there are too many people making others suffer for this reason, the worst thing is to know that some authorities have also done it�
It is sad to see that part of humanity has not been able to overcome certain prejudices and this violence for the same causes also happens in other countries.
Here in this link you can read the case of Gabriel Fernández, only 8 years old, he is dead��. There are also Latinos who suffer, they have even died from the violence caused by discrimination and racism� it is incredible that in the middle of 2020 with the great development that exists in other matters, part of humanity still has this mental underdevelopment�� and they are doing damage causing so much pain to other people with this type of violent attitude actitud it is clear that some people have mental strengths that they have not yet been able to tear down, in the USA it exists but also in other countries of the world !! � Guatemala is not the exception because at present this is demonstrated by the fact
of the death of a group of 41 people including girls and pre-adolescents on March 8, 2017 this happened in a fire in a home of the State "Hogar Seguro Virgen de la Asunción" ��

Edith Anton, Guatemala, Guatemala
1 year ago
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