Rename Slauson Ave. to Nipsey Hu$$le Way

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The people of Los Angeles petition the county and city of Los Angeles to rename Slauson Ave. in South Central Los Angeles to Nipsey Hu$$le Way (including the dollar signs as S’s) after rapper Nipsey Hu$$le. Nipsey Hu$$le was murdered in front of his store on Slauson Ave. and Crenshaw Blvd. on Sunday March 31st 2019. Nipsey Hu$$le is a cultural icon to that neighborhood, the surrounding communities of Los Angeles and worldwide. Nipsey’s music promoted independence, financial literacy, and the entrepreneurial business spirit that is synonymous with the American dream.  As well as community building and overall personal development to better yourself and the neighborhood you came from. Los Angeles mayor, Eric Garcetti, and LA Police Commissioner Steve Soboroff both gave condolences to the tragedy via twitter, with Soboroff claiming that he and LA Police Chief Micheal Moore were going to meet with Nipsey to discuss gang reform and programs for the youth of Los Angeles. Nipsey’s other community outreach included STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) program, that aims to be a bridge between “Silicon Valley and the inner city” bringing tech centered education programs to disenfranchised youth nationwide.  

We petition that Slauson Ave. be renamed “Nipsey Hu$$le Way” to keep his legacy alive for generations to come, and allow his name to continue to inspire young Angeleno’s and youth across America to take ownership of themselves while bringing positive change to their communities.  The Nipsey Hu$$le way. 

We the people of Los Angeles are family, neighbors, fans, loved ones, and supporters of Nipsey Hu$$le and we come together as a community in this moment to request the city and county of Los Angeles honor and memorialize our fallen leader. It would bring us peace of mind in this tragic moment to know that our city officials stand with us and with positive change for our nieghborhoods by granting our request. Thank you.