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Petitioning Mayor, City of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa

Demand that Aviation Safeguards play by the rules or get out of LAX!


Companies that choose to do business at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) are required to abide by rules that assure a livable wage and affordable health care for employees. It is up to City officials to hold LAX contractors accountable and, if they refuse to follow the rules, revoke their licenses so that companies who care about their employees and our communities can take their place. Mayor Villaraigosa must hold the line at LAX - if one company can get away with gaming the system, it will set a precedent for all companies.

Letter to
Mayor, City of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa
Mayor Villaraigosa,

You have the power to demand that Aviation Safeguards do the right thing now - demand that NOW. If Aviation Safeguards refuses to play by the rules, then you should pull Aviation Safeguards' license so that another company who does care about its employees and our communities can take their place.