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Retract their paperless only tickets for STH.

It is important because as STH we are historians of the game. We use our tickets in a variety of ways, some of us to gift clients and family, others as a kind gesture to local non-profits. But, most of us are super fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers and want to know that this new digital only, print at home method the LA Dodgers are declaring as a "benefit" is only a way for the oganization to throw the cost at the consumers, the season ticket holders. We are asking that the LA Dodgers for this season give us the option of either having our tickets printed and sent to us as the norm, OR be an early adopter for the new digital barcode/print at home method. We understand that digital barcodes are the way of the future, we just want the option this year as this wasn't declared to us upon renewing our season tickets. Please, give us the option that's all we want.

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