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Prosecute LA County Sheriff Deputies Angel Grandes and Alexandro Gonzalez.

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Here's why it's important: On November 10, 2012, my husband, Jose de la Trinidad was murdered by L.A. Sheriff's Deputies Angel Grandes and Alexandro Gonzalez.  

  According to accounts of those with Jose before he was killed and those near the scene of his death, this is what happened:  Jose was leaving his niece's Quinceañera as a passenger in his brother Francisco's car when Lynwood Sheriffs initiated a routine traffic stop.  After a short pursuit, Jose asked to be let out of the car as he wanted no part of any police chase or problems with the law. Francisco pulled over to let Jose out, and within moments, my husband was dead.     According to witnesses in the vicinity, Jose was fully compliant with Sheriff's orders.  He had his back to the Sheriffs with both hands raised over his head, when deputies shot him without provocation.    Jose had NOT committed any crime, he was NOT armed, he was NOT on Parole/Probation and was NOT a threat to these officers or the public.
The Sheriff's Department said Jose "reached for his waistband" when they shot him.  However the witnesses who came forward confirmed that they saw the  incident clearly. They emphatically maintain that Jose cooperated fully with Sheriffs' instructions and posed no threat whatsoever. They saw when Jose was gunned down while his back was turned towards the sheriff’s and his hands raised above his head.  Autopsy report confirms that Jose was shot 7 times in the BACK !

Jose was a hardworking family man, who at times worked 2 jobs to provide for his family. A Loving Husband , A devoted Father to 2 young daughters who Loved him and miss him everyday. His dedication and active involvement in their lives can never be replaced.   Jose was killed for NO reason !   He did not deserve this horrific and senseless death and these deputies should NOT be patrolling streets !        

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