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Install a Left Turn Arrow at Marymount Place on Sunset Boulevard

Marymount High School is located on Sunset Boulevard above UCLA in Westwood; the entrance to the campus is at Marymount Place.  Marymount Place has a traffic light allowing drivers to turn into or to exit Marymount High School.  As a Class II Highway, Sunset Boulevard is the setting for many drivers traveling east and west VERY quickly.   

In order to keep traffic flowing, the traffic light cycle is very long in favor of Sunset through-traffic, so that opportunities to turn left into Marymount Place without oncoming traffic are infrequent.  This is exacerbated by the fact that there is NOT A LEFT TURN ARROW into Marymount Place driving east on Sunset.

Recently, a Marymount student's car was struck by an oncoming truck while she was making a left turn onto Marymount Place. We believe that installing a left-turn arrow at Marymount Place would significantly help to protect our community, allowing greater safety to our families who commute to and from Marymount High School every day.

Please join us in support of this important safety proposal by signing this petition.

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