Bring Recycling and Compost Bins to Cheviot Hills Recreation Center

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Objective: Collect signatures from members of the Los Angeles community to encourage the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks to bring both recycling and compost bins to Cheviot Hills Recreation Center.

The Cheviot Hills Recreation Center (CHRC) is a well utilized local park located on Motor Avenue in Los Angeles. Its facilities include indoor and outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, a swimming pool, a preschool and play structures, along with open grassy fields and picnic tables. The space is often used to host sports tournaments, camps, birthday parties, family gatherings, and more. As a result of these activities, it is common for park-goers to end up creating lots of trash. Through photo documentation, I have concluded that the majority of this ‘trash’ consists of plastic or paper material (such as water bottles, party cups, utensils, plates, etc.) and green or food waste (such as grass cuttings, tree branches, biodegradable products, fruit and vegetable scraps, etc.). While all of these items can potentially be disposed of in environmentally-friendly ways, trash cans are the only option CHRC park-goers have available to them.

According to the "Production, Use, and Fate of All Plastics Ever Made" study, as cited by National Geographic, 91% of recyclable plastics in the United States end up being thrown away. As a result, there is estimated to be almost five billion metric tons of plastic that can be found in landfills or as litter. (PBS) From its initial creation to its landing in the trash bin, plastic constantly pollutes our “terrestrial, aquatic and airborne environments,” exposing the planet to toxic chemicals. (Life Without Plastic) Food waste is just as prominent of an issue. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, Americans throw away an estimated 30-40% of our food supply, making food waste the biggest contributor to landfills. “The land, water, labor, energy and other inputs used in producing, processing, transporting, preparing, storing, and disposing of discarded food [...] generate impacts on the environment that may endanger the long-run health of the planet.” (United States Department of Agriculture)

By adding recycling and compost bins to public spaces, such as parks, The Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks would be taking a good first step to help promote and assist in more responsible disposal practices. If recycling bins were paired with the current-standing trash cans, and a green bin was placed in their two picnic areas, CHRC's waste and harmful contribution to pollution and climate change would be significantly reduced. In order to ensure that these bins would be utilized properly, signs indicating where to place specific waste products would be necessary. From a logistical standpoint, Los Angeles already collects from the blue and green bins throughout the neighborhood of Cheviot Hills, meaning no new services would be required.

By signing this petition to bring recycling and compost bins to Cheviot Hills Recreation Center, you are advocating for the health and well-being of humans, animals, and the environment. Thank you for taking the time to read our petition and participate in The Park Project LA’s first official action!


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