DEMAND SUNRISE FORD and THE LAPD account for covering up violent hate crimes.

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SUNRISE FORD (Quick Lane) manager, Lee Cook and salesperson, Ike Inyama violently attacked and suffocated, customer Michael Phelan. Afterwards, Los Angeles Police Officers deliberately neglected all official duties to make proper arrests and conducting a full investigation. A now botched record, lacking vital evidence (supports this), willfully denying Mr. Phelan’s Civil and Constitutional Rights. Obstruction of Justice, Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law. Pattern and Practice.


NO ARRESTS. NO INJURY PHOTOS. NO VICTIM’S STATEMENT. ALL VIDEO SURVEILLANCE STILL BEING WITHHELD. DEMAND SUNRISE FORD and The Los Angeles Police Department provide the surveillance video documenting these barbaric crimes. No reports or explanations accounting for a brutally victimized customer, sustaining open head wounds resulting from a violent, hate fueled assault.

While exiting Sunrise FORD, a hostile and confrontational Cook, followed closely behind Mr. Phelan, making hateful and prejudice comments such as (“faggot” & “stupid homeless mother fucker”). While turning to address the continual taunting, Cook attacked Phelan, throwing him to the ground. Grabbing hair on the back of his head, Cook violently pounds Mr. Phelan’s forehead (back and forth) onto the concrete sidewalk below. Inyama came from behind, manipulating pressure points on Phelan’s spine/upper back, causing suffocation in addition to a traumatic brain injury. Left unconscious, he awoke to Sunrise Ford staff members gathered around the assault, cheering and further encouraging Cook and Inyama. The assault stopped only due to a group of oncoming kids, walking home from a nearby park.

Within 24 hours, reports of the assaults were made to a total of 6 law enforcement officials, including two (2-Los Angeles Sheriff’s) and four (4-Los Angeles Police Officer’s) and ER physicians. L.A. Sheriff's Report #901 (Assault 242 P.C.) confirms this. Moments after it was created, LAPD Officer's deliberately shut down the entire investigation process. Official letters have been sent to relative government agencies (The Southern California ACLU, The California Attorney General and The U.S. Department of Justice), requesting assistance with a proper investigation. 

Mr. Phelan's life was turned upside down, suffering a traumatic brain injury with no justice/recourse. Already legally disabled, further sustaining long term PTSD, now under the care of one of country's top brain injury, expert's. A story far more reflective of terrorist nation’s where basic human rights are often overshadowed by violence, discrimination and government based corruption. Examples such as this, threaten a free and civil society.

Demand Sunrise FORD and The Los Angeles Police Department supply the surveillance video documenting these barbaric crimes. If no surveillance footage is offered, it is incumbent The FORD Motor Company REVOKE ALL SUNRISE FORD DEALERSHIP RIGHTS and provide Mr. Phelan sufficient financial redress of $1,750,000.00. 

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