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Requesting Not To Ban Festivals In Los Angeles County

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This petition is not about forgetting the loss of 2 beautiful teenage lives. We understand that Tracy Nguyen,18 and Katie Dix, 19 had wonderful and happy lives that were taken away too soon.  Our deepest and sincerest love and condolence go to their families.  They are in our thoughts and prayers.  Our intentions is not about demoralizing their lives or their death.  

The purpose of this petition is make the people of Los Angeles County understand that you CANNOT place blame on festivals for the tragic accident that occurred. We ask that you don't use festivals as easy way out of a problem. The problems is not the festivals, it's the drugs. The organizers of these festivals did not supply anyone drugs. You have to understand if you think banning festivals will take care of the problem, you're wrong. The person(s) that gave them or sold them the drugs are still out there.

This can easily happen at schools campus/dormitories (Junior/Middle, High, Community or Universities), state and federal prisons, city jails, malls, concerts, even at family parties. Are you going to close any of those down thinking that would solve the problem? Of course not. The drug problems have been and will always be around. There are statistics that show there are many drug related deaths everywhere and you will not always hear about it on the news or social media. If you do, it quickly disappears because it's happening everyday in everyday situations and the media does not see it worthy to report it to the public.

What you are doing is taking jobs away from people and the county will lose revenue that these events generate.

We ask not to quickly judge and assume the drug problems are from these festivals and stopping them is going to make it go away. We ask to take into consideration other ways to make changes to keep the festivals in LA County (ex: more under cover officers/security and/or changing the age limit).

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