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Save Altadena's front yards, rebuild the Aldi, reform the CSD

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Los Angeles County is attempting to revise the Altadena Community Standards District (CSD) with minimal community input. The new CSD will allow condominiums and drive thru businesses on Lake Avenue, demand that all fences, hedges, gates, arches, Tori and so on over forty two inches tall in the first 22 feet of front yard either be removed in five years or pay a $1500 fee to the County for the county to CONSIDER allowing them to remain.

At the same time the County of Los Angeles is proposing these draconian measures along with measures controlling individual homeowner design, it is loosening business design requirements and eliminating the publics ability to protest development in commercial zones.

We the Citizens of Altadena and Los Angeles County make the following demands:

1. All front yard fences, walls, hedges, gates, tori, arches, light columns, or sculpture existing at the time any revision to the CSD occurs shall be deemed legal non conforming and allowed to remain without fee, hearing, or review. New standards will be written allowing fences, walls, hedges, arches, gates, Sculpture, and tori that will allow future such structures to be build in a manner similar to their neighbors.

2. The "Aldi" building presently under construction by the Charles company at the intersection of Lake Avenue and Calaveras shall have a stop work order placed upon it, and shall be redesigned and rebuilt to conform with the Altadena CSD as it existed when the "Aldi" building was approved.

3.  All Los Angeles County Staff involved in the approval of the present obviously non conforming "Aldi" building shall be terminated.

4. All Bed and Breakfasts, Air B&B, Air Nib, or other transitory rental uses in residential neighborhoods shall require a Environmental Impact report (EIR) and a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). Any occupancy taxes collected from such enterprises shall go to the neighborhood association in that neighborhood or the Sheriffs Support group for the running of neighborhood watch programs.

5. The Negative declaration for the present CSD revisions shall be vacated.

6. An Altadena panel consisting of at least thirty Altadenans, shall be empaneled to write a new set of recommended Altadena Community Design Standards That will respect traditional setbacks, heights, colors, and uses in both the residential and commercial areas. ALL Meetings of this committee shall be noticed by paper mailed notice sent by Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning to each and every Altadena resident, business and property owner. Notice shall declare the date, time, place, and agenda items to be discussed at each meeting of this committee.

7. In attempting to adopt any revision to the Altadena CSD, the Los Angeles County department of Regional Planning shall generate a Environmental Impact Report (EIR). Said EIR shall analyze the number of potential dwelling units the new standards could achieve at build-out and shall analyze the electrical, natural gas, water supply and sewerage infrastructure impacts at build-out. The EIR shall analyze the traffic and pedestrian safety impacts at build-out. the EIR shall analyze the Impact of additional residents in a town already underserved in park land by 80%. The EIR shall indicate mitigations for these effects to be paid for by developers of new developments in Altadena.

8. All future Los Angeles County Regional planning Commission meetings regarding the revision of the Altadena CSD, shall be held in a public place  in Altadena, and shall be held in normal "non working Hours". A notice of the date, time and place of said meeting with the agenda items to be discussed shall be mailed to every Altadena resident, business and property owner.

9. The Altadena Town Council , a body with no legal form and no legal standing, shall be no longer considered by the County of Los Angeles to represent the People of Altadena. By motion of the Fifth District Supervisor, the County of Los Angeles shall form a Altadena Municipal Advisory Committee that shall be elected in lawful Los Angeles County elections and shall be afforded County Council, Staff Budget, immunity and insurance.



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