Save Buddy from a Lifetime of Misery & Isolation

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Buddy is a female raven on display at the Placerita Canyon Nature Center (PCNC) in Newhall, California, which is located in the Santa Clarita Valley just north of Los Angeles.

Although ravens are one of the most social and intelligent animals in the world, with an intellect rivaling that of chimpanzees, Buddy is kept in isolation, with no enrichment whatsoever. She is a healthy, full-flighted bird who is kept in a small and dirty cage during the day, then "put away" in a similar cage behind the center at night. This is her entire existence... and she is going mad!

Ravens can live up to 40 years in captivity - we cannot allow her to spend decades in her tiny prison, watching the wild ravens as they soar around her cage and call out to her. Their conversations are hopeful but heart wrenching. Why can they fly free while she wastes away in her cell? Help us convince her captors that she deserves better... she deserves to live as nature intended... wild and free. Visit SAVEBUDDY.ORG for more details.