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as you all know Covid-19 has effected everything tremendously. mask coverings is just one of them. our government is not being honest with us about the actual dangers and effects that these masks could cause you. there is really no protection from wearing the mask, also doesn’t mean you aren’t spreading it around either. It is highly concerning that our county is even pushing a rule that has 0 proof of being effective. they allow free passage ways (both in and out of “covid 19 virions”) people constantly touch, rearrange, and manipulate their masks. essentially bringing the mask to no use at all. there is no full proof evidence that these masks are doing anything but making you less able to breath in the fresh air. furthering the damage to your immune system, the mask becomes a breeding ground for viruses of any kind, including corona. these face masks actually ENCOURAGE the transmission of these “infected” particles of hand-to-face- transmission of the virus. These masks were made for medical professionals, so they wouldn't get any of their own germs or particles inside of a patient, it never once was stated to have any effect working towards protecting you against a virus, or from being able to spread it around, The whole thing is a false claim. It is simply common sense to understand that by using these masks for extended periods of time, you are disrupting your normal breathing process. You are causing yourself to inhale your own carbon dioxide, not to mention your own bacteria, germs and viruses that your body is trying to secrete and push out.

Did you know? When you are hyperventilating, or have rapid breathing, the treatment for this is to breath in a paper bag to help return C02 into the blood. But by prolonged mask use, you're doing the exact same thing, causing the hypercapnia excessive C02 in the blood, increasing abnormal PH levels. Severe hypercapnia symptoms include: confusion, depression or paranoia, irregular heartbeat, loss of consciousness, muscle twitching, panic attacks, headaches, etc.. now does this sound alright to you?

i don’t want to have to wear something that is causing this to happen to my body, just to be able to go shopping. i also don’t want anyone else being further damaged or mislead into thinking they’re actually "saving lives" by wearing one of these. I do understand citizens are scared for their lives, I won't even go into detail about how the number of deaths have been manipulated by the media. they are telling us to wear these masks to settle our minds, but my mind is far from settled about this. 

this requirement is wrong and inhumane. multiple doctors have already come out and spoken on this issue, but nothings being done about it. i hope the people of LA county can understand we all deserve the right to do what is actually right. that is living a happy and healthy lifestyle. but a mask isn’t going to help us fulfill that.