Allow vendors who cook on site back in Los Angeles County Farmers Markets

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We are asking the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to lift the ban on vendors who cook on site at Farmers Markets. These vendors run small businesses and have been stripped of their livelihood for the last six months. Many are suffering tremendous hardship. They are licensed and have covered booths and three compartment sinks, as required by the health department.

The city is doing everything in its power to help restaurants stay open by allowing them to provide take out and serve outside, so it makes no sense that Farmers Market vendors are being singled out and excluded from making a living. Street vendors and food trucks are allowed to operate. Los Angeles County is one of the only counties in the state that is still banning these vendors from operating at Farmers Markets.

Farmers Markets provide an opportunity for the public to purchase nutritious food outdoors, and to enjoy fresh air. It is well documented that it is much safer to be outdoors than indoors in order to contain the spread of COVID-19.

As an essential business, Farmers Markets have not skipped a beat during the pandemic, reconfiguring as needed to continue to serve their communities. This unjust ban on vendors who cook on site has also put a financial strain on many Farmers Markets. 

We urge you to lift this ban and allow prepared food vendors to cook on site at Farmers Markets, and sell their food for take-out.