Declare a State of Emergency on Gas Prices

Declare a State of Emergency on Gas Prices

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Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

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Started by Jorge Miranda

Gas prices have soared 16% in one month (February to March 2022) to unprecedented levels resulting in financial hardship for many daily commuters.  In one year's time (March 2021 - March 2022), the increase is 45%.  For those in the greater Los Angeles area, the pain is doubled because increased traffic consumes more gas than driving during light traffic.  No one is immune to this problem since over 80% of LA households own at least 1 vehicle.  But there are actions that could be taken to mitigate this issue and benefit all Angelenos.  

Reduce Consumption

Collectively, Angelenos and folks in surrounding areas can reduce consumption of gas by avoiding unnecessary travel to work, taking mass transit, and switching to electric or hybrid vehicles, when possible. The Board of Supervisors has the power to drive initiatives forward that would support these strategies.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors can declare a state of emergency on financial hardship related to the unprecedented fuel costs.  By declaring this situation an emergency, employers in LA County would be asked to consider alternatives to commuting such as telework and office sharing (e.g., WeWork and hub locations).  As an employer, the County of Los Angeles can recommend to its 36 departments that telework practices should continue at the same or greater levels as during the COVID-pandemic.  In fact, the public response to COVID shows that many jobs can be effectively done remotely.

Angelenos have endured increased inflation caused by supply-chain issues and foreign conflicts, and rising gas prices are set to send inflation of all goods to levels unseen for decades.  Observers of history would agree that raising wages at this time would only exacerbate the issue, which is why this petition does not currently support giving raises en masse.  However, the simplest and most expeditious strategy to manage the situation is to avoid unnecessary travel on LA streets and freeways until inflation and gas prices stabilize.  

Sign this petition right away to show your support for reducing vehicles on the road and providing financial relief for all LA households.

Data on average gas prices from AAA on 3/8/2022. Data on Los Angeles vehicle ownership is from a 2016 nationwide study from Vanderbilt University.

502 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!