Prevent a Maximum Security Detention Center in Santa Clarita Valley

Prevent a Maximum Security Detention Center in Santa Clarita Valley

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Laurence Walsh-Hodson started this petition to Los Angeles Country Supervisors

As a Santa Clarita Clarita resident and parent, I am extremely concerned and utterly dismayed that you are in the process of attempting to approve the opening of a maximum security juvenile detention center here in our community. The site is less than 3 miles away (walking distance) from Plum Canyon Elementary School and Saugus High School. (If you remember, Saugus High School suffered a tragic school shooting November 2019). It is a travesty that you did not consult with county supervisor Kathryn Barger and the Santa Clarita City Council before beginning on this plan.

Santa Clarita residents have worked extremely hard to keep our city clean and our crime rate low. We do not just commute the extra forty-five minutes for fun. We do so because we want to live in a beautiful neighborhood, and an extremely safe one.

You are proposing to house violent offenders, ages ranging from twelve to twenty-five, two minutes from a residential neighborhood. 2 Minutes!! 2 minutes away from our families, our children. This is upsetting in so many ways. You will lower the property values of our homes. No one wants to have their family live within walking distance to a maximum security detention center.

You could also be responsible for be endangering our lives and our children’s lives with the constant risk of inmates escaping and the release of these offenders back into our community. SCV residents are well-aware of the multitude of prison breaks that have occurred and will continue to occur at Pitchess Detention Center over the years since its opening. Homes have been broken into and residents not only scared, but injured because of some of these escapees. From the United States Department of Justice, "With no job, no money, and no place to live, returnees often find themselves facing the same pressures and temptations that landed them in prison in the first place."

We sympathize that our Federal Government is closing their facilities and the state is responsible for rehousing these criminals. However, we should not be punished for this situation. This facility absolutely should NOT be in our backyard. 

LA County's "Youth Justice Reimagined" group recommended Camp Kilpatrick and Camp Gonzales for the new locations of the felony inmates. These locations are in the mountains and not directly across the street from residential homes and schools. This is a much more appropriate and humane location. These locations would impact far fewer civilians.

The City of Santa Clarita and Board of Director’s rejected the motion for the approval of this facility to Supervisor Kathryn Barger on June 22, 2021.

Should this facility be approved, you could be responsible for destroying the community we love so much. You could be responsible for taking away a safe place to live for our children.

We are just like you. We too are “big believers that government, if done right, can do a lot to improve the quality of people’s lives”. Stand by your words and don’t take our quality of life away from us.


Laurence Walsh

Supporters- Please also call the representatives voting on this and express your opinion.

Also, join the on July 13th

County Supervisor, Hilda Solis: (323) 881-4601

County Supervisor, Holly Mitchell: (213) 974-2222

County Supervisor, Sheila Kuel: (213) 974- 3333

County Supervisor, Janice Hahn, (213) 974-4444

Senator Scott Wilk, (661) 286-1471



0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!