Support Student Housing in Westwood

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Do you think student housing should be more accessible AND affordable in Westwood? We do too. And with your help, change is on the way.

Los Angeles’ housing crisis is having a severe impact on the quality of life of our students. In fact, 5% of University of California students experienced homelessness in 2017 and Westwood is the most expensive place to rent in all of California. We can do better. UCLA has proposed an aggressive plan to build more on-campus housing, but that alone won’t alleviate the pressure facing students right now – we need more off-campus housing, too.

More student housing around UCLA makes sense for all sorts of reasons:  

1) Its proximity to Westwood Village and the UCLA campus means that students can live car-free. This will relieve students of yet another financial burden and reduce traffic.  

2) With nearly 45,000 students enrolled at UCLA and that number growing, we need to build more housing.  

3) Bringing more housing units online – both publicly and privately owned – will help relieve the pressure on the current housing prices in Westwood.

UCLA students, Westwood residents and Westwood Village business owners must come together to think of creative solutions to this crisis.

Please sign this petition and ask Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz to support more student housing in Westwood!

Please ask your friends, family and neighbors to sign this petition too! This is not about a housing project; it’s about a housing crisis that we have to confront head-on. Join us today!