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Tax the Rich, House the Homeless

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As the homeless struggle to find shelter, rich businesses are only getting richer. Let’s help our homeless get a place they can sleep in comfort. We demand an Affordable Housing Linkage Fee (AHLF) to generate revenue from developers to be used for affordable housing and housing and services for the homeless.

Affordable housing is one of the biggest issues facing the City of Los Angeles. According to the Department of City Planning, Los Angeles is one of the few major US cities with a housing affordability crisis that does not currently have either a permanent source of local funding for affordable housing or an inclusionary housing policy. As a result, the City of Los Angeles devotes less per capita in affordable housing funding than most other major cities.  

The goal of the AHLF is to create a permanent source of local funding for the development of affordable housing. This policy would create a progressive tax, which means homeless and low-income people will have opportunities to spend more. In the progressive tax, rich people are taxed at a larger percent of their income than the poor.  Development companies may argue that according to the principle of supply side economics, investing in capital and lowering barriers to construction and developments will supposedly raise economic growth. We believe this method is nothing but a theory that has failed to raise our economy in the past. It only benefits the rich and not anyone else, the rich should be a source to help the homeless. A progressive tax like the linkage fee will boost our economy by giving more money to the lower classes, they will spend more money which, according to the principle of demand side economic, will result in economic growth.

Everyone should have the roof over their heads, no one should be sleeping on cold concrete every night. In the book, “No Room of Her Own”, a homeless woman called Marlowe demands that “Everyone should have a home, A mass of people are homeless and have to wait 3 years for housing.” This is evidence that we need more affordable housing because three years is too long to sleep on the streets. Affordable housing for the less fortunate should be a main priority in the city council's agendas.


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