Rose-Penmar Beautification & Safety Project

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The goal of this petition is to urge the City of Los Angeles to move the jurisdiction of the public walk path on the South Side of Penmar golf course to the Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Department. Once the strip of land’s jurisdiction is changed, it becomes park land and illegal to camp upon¹. 


Our community has the right to live in a safe, violence & drug-free neighborhood. 

Currently the land is presided over by the Los Angeles Department of Public Works.  LADPW cannot enforce the no-camping rule and, as evidenced by the current condition of the walkway, cannot provide the surrounding neighborhoods with the public right-of-way we ALL have a right to use.

The neighborhood (Rose-Penmar Parkway Beautification Association) is going through the legal steps required to get this officially signed-off by the city². We have filed a motion to be voted on by the Venice Neighborhood Council, and subsequently the Los Angeles City Council.  However because of the Covid pandemic the vote never occurred in March.  We are asking for signatures so that we can take this directly to Councilman Bonin’s office.

Once the land is granted back to the Department of Recreation and Parks, we will then have an opportunity to pursue multiple means to beautify and improve the strip of land so that it can best serve the wellbeing and safety of our community. However, first thing’s first: we must encourage the city to give the land back to Recreation & Parks before anything further can happen. 



  1. If the land were transferred back to Rec and Parks through a right-of-way “vacation”, ordinance LAMC Chapter VI, Article 3,  Sec 63.44 Sec. B, item 26 (c, d, e), Sec C,  Items 4, 9, 12, 13 (d),  Regulations Affecting Recreation and Park Areas, can be enforced by Recs and Parks Rangers, which prevent camping on public Parkland which is enforced at parks all over the city.
  2. Municipal Code for Parks in Los Angeles: