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Join Occupy LA in creating a community garden in the park of LA City Hall

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Los Angeles is in a crisis:  from unprecedented numbers in home foreclosures, to high unemployment, to thousands of people suffering from hunger and homelessness.  As stakeholders in our communities, and as compassionate people, we feel we must do our part.  

We invite you to join us in beautifying the Commons, feeding the hungry and homeless and fostering community, through creating a community garden in the park that surrounds the Los Angeles City Hall.  Enrich Los Angeles, the nonprofit organization, is willing to provide the expertise and materials for the garden.  Others in Occupy Los Angeles have committed to help maintain it.

While we applaud the decision to create a drought tolerant garden around City Hall, we maintain that a part of the area should be reserved for a vegetable garden dedicated to feeding the hungry and building community.  This idea was presented within the City’s process to gather input from the community, but it appears to have gone unheeded thus far.

As our dedication to the Commons and those suffering from hunger and homelessness, we hope you will join in planting an organic food garden to show your commitment to addressing hunger as well as beautifying the Commons. Hunger in the land of plenty is a failing of the City of Los Angeles.

In order to end hunger now, we must be creative and act swiftly.  Act with us and show you care! 

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