Ban rodeos and rodeo-type activities in the city of Los Angeles

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Please Support the L.A. Rodeo Ordinance

LCA is encouraging supporters to leave a comment of support on L.A. City Council file #20-1575, a Motion that would ban the use of "inhumane implements" (including electric prods, flank straps, and spurs) at rodeo events held in the city. Link to leave a comment: The Motion, brought forwarded CouncilMember Bob Blumenfield, was passed unanimously by city council in February 2021; however, the rodeo industry has launched a national campaign to stop the Motion from moving forward. The Motion is currently with the city attorney's office to draft the Ordinance. Please consider leaving a comment to let City Council know you support this important initiative. While this is not an outright ban of Rodeos, it will be very difficult to hold an event without the tools of torture used to control the animals. It is important to note the L.A. inhumane implements rodeo ban is modeled after a similar Ordinance that passed in Pittsburgh, PA, in 1992. Pittsburgh is now considered a "blackout city" for rodeos.  

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5 months ago