We Want Legal Cannabis in Topanga Canyon

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In 2016 the voters of California approved Proposition 64 which legalized adult-use cannabis in California.  

The voters of Topanga voted to approve Proposition 64 at an overwhelming rate of 76%

Currently the LA County Board of Supervisors are proposing to not allow any zoning for legal commercial cannabis in Topanga Canyon, and no commercial cannabis licensing on any agricultural zoned land.

I believe that commercial cannabis should be allowed in Topanga Canyon.

I believe that commercial cannabis should be allowed on Agricultural Zoned land.

I believe in direct democracy - the right of the people to vote and pass laws.

I believe that elected officials have a duty to respect the vote of the people.

The people of Topanga support local commercial cannabis conducted in a manner that:


              (1) Respects the environment; and

              (2) Respects the values of our community.

For these reasons, we call upon our elected officials to respect the vote of the people to support Proposition 64 and allow local commercial cannabis in Topanga Canyon.



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