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Stop the implementation of "No Night Care for Animals in City Shelters"

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Brenda Barnette, the General Manager of Los Angeles' Animal Services has decided to implement a ridiculous move to take all Animal Care Technicians off evening duty at shelters in Los Angeles. That is like a hospital without nurses, or in this case, a jail with no correctional officers. Nevermind that animals housed together in small quarters need constant monitoring, cleanup, and care - Ms. Barnette doesn't seem to see this as something necessary. It appears that she only sees it necessary to continue making her yearly $200,000+ salary and implementing unnecessary decisions such as hiring security guards that know nothing about animal care in place of the Animal Care Technicians. We're tired of your incompetent decisions, Ms. Barnette, from this newest decision, to your costly and clearly unnecessary 2011 gun-control audit at shelters, to your 2012 investigation of vending machine contracts that cost tax-payers almost $500,000 in paid leave alone. If there are hundreds of thousands of dollars for unnecessary spending, and your six-figure salary, and the hiring of new security guards in place of existing Animal Care Technicians, why isn't there money to care for pets that have absolutely NOTHING else in this world?

I refuse to have my tax dollars pay for your incompetent and cruel decisions. You need to show yourself as the animal lover you have claimed to be and reverse this decision, or step aside and let a true animal lover be the new General Manager of LA Animal Services. Angelenos make up a community that LOVE animals, and love their pets. We care for their well-being, and until you start to care for their well-being also, we cannot and will not stand behind you.

Thank you.


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