Keep Principal Sam Miceli at Richview Collegiate Institute

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The TDSB superintendent, Lorraine Linton, has decided that removing Sam Miceli from Richview CI is in the best interests of the students of our school.

We have been advised that the decision has been made and that Sam will move to a new school in September.
A long list of reasons why Sam should remain was provided; not the least being his incredible reach into the community, his relationships with students and alumni, his legacy as a committed educator and principal, his involvement in major projects that have only just begun to name but a few. But to no avail. 

The Etobicoke Center TDSB Ward 2 community is not comfortable having these kinds of decisions made without public consultation and with no regard for the objections of the parent community.

This is a school that has been fully supported for years by their alumni, by the parents and by so many community leaders with relationships that has been nurtured by Sam.  
Members of the community have taken this decision personally as it is hard to understand the reason why this move couldn't take place in two years from now when Sam was due to retire.

So we put it to you parents.  Please feel free to express your concern about Lorraine's decision by signing this petition. Please forward this petition on to anyone you feel needs to know this information and would like to sign.