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Grant a State-wide Foreclosure Moratorium

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During the 1930's citizens fought for and WON a foreclosure moratorium (see Farmers Holiday Association) with Minnesota being the very first state to win. But it did spread to other states.

In 2011, Money which was put into state accountants for mortgage FRAUD, is still sitting in bank accounts; the fraud$ter$ collecting the interest.

Since people are being criminalized for fighting foreclosure and there is NO program in place, we ask you to sign our petition and then start one of your own. can give you figures for your state. Make an appointment w/your attorney general's office and suggest this plan!!

Sitting on millions of dollars while people are being evicted is unacceptable. Be transparent with the National Mortgage Settlement and put a moratorium on foreclosures & evictions until the process is up, running, and proven to be working for a month.

There has been at least $41.5 milion available but on hold for over 3 months (update: $280 million on hold for 6 months). It's supposed to be getting used to keep people in their homes and as relief for victims of corrupt banking practices by Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank, and GMAC/Ally Financial. Help us get this money working and stop foreclosures & evictions until it is. Help us prevent homelessness.


 An article on how to get a foreclosure moratorium for your state appears at:

Please sign this petition, too and watch the video:

Anita's story, Facing Foreclosure - ttp://



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