Chicago Restaurant Workers Petition for Stronger Worker Protections

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As the City of Chicago begins to open, safety measures are being enforced for workers, but not consumers. Restaurant workers are especially at risk, as consumers of food and drink will need to remove masks to do so. We need stronger policies geared towards the customer to ensure the safety of restaurant staff. We propose pushing back the Phase 3 opening date to July 15th, so the City of Chicago can take time to create safety procedures that allow the staff to operate safely in the work environment.

Policy steps recommended by Chicago Restaurant Workers, a grassroots organization of service industry veterans, must look like;

  1. Worker representation on the reopening of Chicago restaurants.
  2. Stronger rules on reopening such as:
    1. All restaurants must enforce a designated employee to check temperatures of all customers and employees before entrance on the premises.
    2. A limit of four to a party.
    3. Designated employee(s) for sanitation.
  3. Stronger protections for workers such as:
    1. Hazard pay of at least an additional 33% of hourly wage.
    2. Right to refuse service to a customer without fear of retaliation from employers.
    3. Right to refuse work if they feel at risk without loss of unemployment benefits or fear of retaliation from employer

Following these recommended policy steps will guarantee a healthier and safer City of Chicago for both the worker and the consumer. Postponing the opening will give businesses and people more time to prepare for lasting recovery.