Put speed bumps in school zones for the kids in the Galt community!

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Hi, my name is Aolani and I am petitioning for city council to put speed bumps into the school zone areas to make walking home safer for the children. As some of you might know, there was recently a car accident caused by a drunk driver on Vintage Oak Ave right next to the school. It was a school day at approx. 3:30 on Wednesday the 3rd of January, 2018. 

My younger brother Aiden has cerebral palsy and rides the bus home every day to and from school. The bus drops him off at home at 3:30  every day. Our mom decided not to send him to school that day because he had PT (physical therapy) and a doctors appointment. Had he been on the bus however, the woman driving under the influence would have crashed into the bus rather than the car next door. 

Our neighbors to our right and their neighbors to their right both have totaled cars because of the accident. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about what might have happened, had my mom sent him to school that day. The woman was driving approx. 85mph down the street going towards the school from Walnut, on a school day, intoxicated. 

I frequently hear cars speeding down our street and I often see cars ignoring the stop signs next to the school. It would be heartbreaking if my younger brother, or anyone else, lost their lives because someone decided not to slow down. 

Please for the sake of our children in Galt, our teenagers, our people, put speed bumps in areas of school zones and high pedestrian traffic! Make our community safer!