CALLING ON APFA to Re-evaluate Their Stance on SA Ramp/Boarding Team


CALLING ON APFA to Re-evaluate Their Stance on SA Ramp/Boarding Team

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Richard Meiss Jr started this petition to Lori Bassani and

We are asking APFA National President Lori Bessani and APFA National Vice President Liz Geiss to re-evaluate their stance on their allegations of a potential contractual violation of the special assignment Crew Connect Flight Attendant Team and its management. 

After reaching out to President Lori Bassani ,Vice President Liz Geiss, DFW Base leadership we are asking for a meeting or conference call with our special assignment team to explain where in the contract it states or implies that special assignment APFA,dues paying, flight attendants cannot board a flight for late inbound crew. This is a call for us to understand why APFA National leadership does not see how this will reduce reserve numbers, make more efficient use of reserve and stand by flight attendants, create a better operation for all APFA flight attendants , APA Pilots, and a better reputation for on time departures for or customers.

APFA has made it clear they believe this is a contractual violation referencing section 12.F.1 of the JCBA. This section nor any other section does it state that APFA special assignment flight attendants cannot board aircraft, nor does it imply so. This section simply states;


Section 12.F.9.D 

"d. A Standby who is not released at the end of the scheduled Standby shift because of boarding

12-7 duty that is assigned before the end of the Standby shift and that continue beyond the end of the Standby shift, shall be compensated for the additional time at the rate of one (1) minute of pay and credit for each one (1) minute of duty beyond the end of the scheduled Standby shift.
10. For the purpose of sequence coverage, a Standby, if checked-in or scheduled to be on duty one (1) hour before scheduled departure of an open time sequence, will be utilized for any sequence that becomes available within two (2) hours of scheduled departure or any sequence that remains uncovered within two (2) hours of scheduled departure.
11. A Reserve shall be given no less than two (2) hours’ notice and three (3) hours’ notice for a co-terminal to report to the crew room for Standby duty.
12. Boarding duty, if utilized, will be based on days of availability, Standby report time, and in
the same terminal, unless Standbys are available for the same number of days, report time, and are in the same terminal, in which case inverse seniority will be utilized. Δ (L-31)
13. A Standby will not be assigned boarding duty unless the estimated time of arrival of the inbound crew is prior to the end of her/his Standby shift. If the crew does not arrive before the end of the Standby shift, such Standby will be replaced by an oncoming Standby if available. Such Standby will be released after the boarding of that flight and will not be subject to any further boarding duties or flight assignments. A Standby may accept the boarding duties which extend beyond the Standby shift and shall be paid in accordance with
Paragraph F.9.d.
14. Duties of a Standby are limited to those assigned to other Flight Attendants. "

This section simply lists boarding as a potential assignment for a stand by flight attendant, it is not limited to stand by flight attendants.

APFA is taking away 20 special assignment jobs from active FAs. Is this how we will let our own union treat it's members? Are these leaders supporting us or supporting their own agenda? Please help in supporting our cause by signing to help all flight attendant members of APFA. 

Thank you for your support,

APFA Flight Attendant Richard Meiss


This petition made change with 8 supporters!

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