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Reopen the investigation, and Prosecute Eaton County Deputy Sheriff Sgt. Jonathan Frost

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Seventeen year old Deven Guilford was fatally shot by by Sgt. Jonathan Frost, Eaton County Sheriff's Department, Michigan, 7 times for flashing his brights at the officer, who's lights were too bright in violation of MCL 257.699 and 257.700.  There is no Michigan statute that makes it illegal to flash your headlights.  In fact, it's constitutionally protected free speech.  See Elli v. City of Ellisville, MO., 997 F.Supp.2d 980, 983 (E.D. Missouri 2014),  "When "[a]n intent to convey a particularized message [is] present, and in the surrounding circumstances the likelihood [is] great that the message would be understood by those who viewed it," it is protected speech. See Spence v. State of Wash., 418 U.S. 405, 410-11, 94 S.Ct. 2727, 41 L.Ed.2d 842 (1974). The stop was entirely illegal.

Sgt. Frost admitted that he had pulled over three other people that night for the same thing.  Each driver told Frost his lights were blinding them, yet he did nothing to correct the problem.  Sgt. Frost was told twice by Deven Guilford that he did not have his license on him, and Frost refused to accept that answer and continued to demand Deven's license, proof of insurance and registration.  The officer unnecessarily and intentionally escalated the matter, when he knew the stop was illegal.  Sgt. Frost bullied Deven, assaulted him at least three times, including tasing Deven while face down on the ground and was no threat whatsoever to the officer.  Deven was polite, only raised his voice on one ocassion when Frost opened up his door and assaulted Deven.  It was Frost who was screaming and yelling, and threatening Deven.  The bodycam video conveniently became blurred right after Frost tased Deven.  The dashcam video is also missing although State police referenced it in one of their bodycam videos of their interview of the person Frost pulled over 4 minutes before Deven.  

Other video immediately following the shooting shows Frost laughing about shooting Deven, cussing and calling Deven a stupid kid. Video at the scene depicts Frost saying  that he shot Deven because Deven was laughing at him. That statement clearly abrogates any self defense claim.  Frost never, at any time immediately following the shooting and when asked about the shooting, mentions that he acted in self defense or was in fear for his life.  He doesn't mention any phone call made by Deven, nor mention the militia claims.  All of these claims were made up weeks after the incident and AFTER Frost reviewed the evidence. Since when are suspects allowed to first review evidence and then make a statement?  More video at the scene shows that Frost was not injured or injured like he claims.  The pictures released do not match video at the scene.   Frost claims he sustained a head injury, but on video at the scene was asked several times if he was okay, and he said yes, he was fine.  Frost asked one of the officers how his face looked to which the officer replied, its not bad, you've got some gashes. However, the photographs released of Frost's injuries show much blood and more serious injuries.  Frost never mentions that he almost lost consciousness at the scene.  Frost was also calm, cool and collected, made very clear and concise statements, all contrary to a head injury.  Frost's injuries were clearly self inflicted and were either caused by slide of his own gun, or by one of his colleagues. As further support, Frost was never seen nor treated for his injuries by EMS, no Glascow Coma Scale rating was performed, and he was not taken by ambulance to the hospital. 

Frost was allowed to review evidence prior to filing his report, got to wait weeks before providing a written statement, and refused to be interviewed.  We believe that when he learned that Deven's girlfriend had come to the scene, he concocted the entire militia claim, and bulletin.  Review the evidence prior to giving his statement, waiting weeks to provide a statement gave him enough time to come up with his story, but the statement made at the scene are the correct ones.  No other murder suspect is ever given this sort of special treatment, to be allowed to review evidence in order to concoct  a story, refuse to be interviewed and  provide a written statements weeks after he shot and killed someone.  It appears quite clear, this is major cover up.

Furthermore, an examination of Frost's released photos of his alleged injuries clearly depict the injuries were self-inflicted.  The video's at the scene do not conclusively show any blood or injury, and any visible blood appears to be blow-back.  He's never holding his head, never tried to stop any alleged bleeding, etc.  It also happens that Frost's alleged injuries line up perfectly with the slide/recoil of a glock.  Noteworthy, the press release mentions various injuries to Deven which the prosecutor claimed was consistent with a fight.  However, there's no mention of any injury to Deven's hands.  Frost told the ER physician that he almost lost consciousness, and the doctor believed he had a fracture to his eye socket.  Although Frost sustained no fractures whatsoever, there is likewise no fractures or bruising to Deven's hands which would have been consistent with a fight.

Sgt. Frost had an attitude, and believes using deadly force is appropriate in a traffic stop and is the only method to be used.  The cop ran the plates and knew there were no warrants or any issue with the vehicle and Deven.  Rather than use common sense, St. Frost bullied the kid, made unreasonable demands, and killed him for no reason.   Here's a statement from his parents:

“Around 8:00pm on February 28, 2015, our 17 year old son and brother, Deven Guilford, was killed as a result of being shot seven times by Eaton County Deputy Sheriff Sgt. Jonathan Frost. At the time, Deven was merely traveling to his girlfriend’s house after playing basketball at his church. Deven was stopped by the officer because Deven flashed his bright lights to alert the oncoming officer that his brights appeared to be on. Notably, Deven was the third person that the officer had pulled over that night for flashing brights at the officer, who was driving a brand new police vehicle with high-intensity head-lights. During this traffic stop, it appears that Deven was puzzled and confused about why he was pulled over and why he was being confronted by the officer. It appears that the officer did not make any reasonable inquiry of Deven that could have helped ease the tensions of the situation.

The Eaton County Prosecutor, after reviewing the investigation by the Michigan State Police has determined to not bring any criminal charges against Sgt. Frost. Based on what we know at this time, our family believes that our son should not have been killed on the night in question.

There was no reason or necessity for the officer to physically remove our son from the car without considering other options to avoid an unnecessary violent escalation. These options could have included, keeping Deven in the car to allow more time for the incident to cool down and/or wait for other officers to arrive. It must be also noted that Deven was not in possession or any weapon and emphatically told the officer that he was not armed. We also have serious concerns about whether the officer used unreasonable force against Deven under the circumstances. In this regard, there are questions about whether Deven should have been tased on the side of the roadway and whether the officer had the right to shoot and kill Deven in these circumstances. Ultimately, we encourage those want more information about the encounter to view the full video of the traffic stop leading up to the physical altercation between Deven and the officer. This video is available through the Michigan State Police Department and the Eaton County Prosecutor’s office. We believe this video raises more questions than answers regarding whether Deven should be alive today.

We respect the thoroughness of the investigation and the Prosecutor’s decision. However, we intend to pursue other remedies to vindicate Deven’s civil rights.”

No police officer has a right to pull us over and ask us for our papers, especially when all someone did was flash their lights to inform the oncoming driver that his brights were on.  Police officers need to be held accountable.  Sgt. Frost acted unreasonable, irrationally, with a superiority complex.  His injuries appear to be self inflicted, and we must end the tyranee of the police in this country.  We have a right not to be pulled over for driving black, for flashing your headlights (which most of us do), for being teenagers.  We shouldn't be required to cooperate with the police when they are acting unreasonable as this video clearly shows. 

Sgt. Frost used unjustifiable excessive force without cause and then covered up his action by reviewing the evidence before he gave his written statement.

Please sign this petition and share it one facebooks so we can get signatures to force the D.A. and the FBI to file criminal charges and let a jury decide.  I'm not sure how they can justify the unreasonable attack by the officer who tasered the kid for no reason other than to be cruel. Our Constitution guarantees against this type of abuse.  Let's send a message to the cops that keep killing people for no reason, and demand that they be held accountable.

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