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Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, arrest Josh Feuerstein

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Attorney General, 

Please investigate the hate speech that called for the murder of US doctors by Josh Feuerstein.  His published video can be seen here although he has taken it off of his YouTube channel. 

He is trying to incite violence with his speech.  "Planned Parenthood has hunted down millions and millions of little innocent babies, stuck a knife in the uterus, cut them, pulled them out, crushed their skull with forceps, ripped their body apart, sold their tissue, and threw them bleeding into a trash bin. I say tonight we punish Planned Parenthood.  I think it's time that abortion doctors should have to run and hide and be afraid for their life." 

Feuerstein has a very large audience of extremists who may take this as a call to arms to kill those working for Planned Parenthood.  


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