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Petitioning Lorena Xtravaganza Escalera and The Transgender Community

Lorena Escalera case to open doors to other transgender cases

We believe that just because the victim was transgender does not mean that the case will be put aside and remain open for probably no more than 10 years and then closed. We believe that it does not matter your sex, race, ethnicity, or your orientation to have a fair case and have your case be solved like any other case. These homicide cases that the victims were transgender need to have priority as well as every other case. We want Justice not "ONLY" for LORENA ESCALERA "BUT" for other transgender cases who are still open in investigation and pending trying to be solved. If you believe in the EQUAL RIGHTS "when all people have the same rights",DISCRIMINATION and If you feel the attorneys on these cases need to treat this as equal as all the homicide cases there is in this world and that DO get solved and JUSTICE is SERVED. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION ...LETS MAKE A CHANGE LETS START NOW!!

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  • Lorena Xtravaganza Escalera and The Transgender Community

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