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"Shrink the use of plastics before the world get lost in one blink"

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For the past years and even until now, we can’t deny the fact that plastics are still in used. Certainly, you can see plastics in your home, school, office, and any public area. Plastic-materials dominate our surroundings, indeed.
Nevertheless, we can’t blame many people in using those plastic-materials such as plastic bags, bottles etc., because frankly those things are really convenient. It is light, easily shaped, strong, and inexpensive, making numerous people want them more. And one more thing, people come to used it because they can last for a long time.
But roughly on the other side, these plastics can actually destroy our environment and can affect the health and life of human beings very badly especially for the marine animals that are most prone to be in danger with the plastics. So in some aspect; these plastic-materials are beneficial but harmful at the same time. So we better stop using these before it’s too late.

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