Lore Parent Association - Formal Request for information

Lore Parent Association - Formal Request for information

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Ewing Parents for a Positive Change started this petition to Lore Elementary School Parent Association "President" Donesha Hood and

To the Lore Elementary School Community,

In accordance with the LPA bylaws, section 6,the election of board members must be conducted by majority vote at the annual meeting of the general membership, not at an Invitation only Parent Volunteer Appreciation event at Villa Rosa Ristorante & Pizzeria.  

The nominating chair shall present a slate for offices to be filled after receiving the consent of each nominee.  The slate shall be submitted to the general membership by the Nominating Chair at least 5 days prior to the meeting in accordance with section 7 of the by-laws.

According to section 8, nominations in addition to those that were nominated by the chair may be submitted by any member of the association by written petition signed by the nominee and one other member.  Said petition shall be submitted to the nominating chair 5 days prior to the meeting.

The Nominating Chair is the President, according to section 2.


Section 1.  A general membership meeting of this association shall be held at the beginning of the school year, in September, for the purpose of presenting the plans and the budget for that current year.

Section 2. The annual meeting of this association shall be held in the spring of each year, in May or June, where the annual reports will be made, gifts announced, and any other business transacted.  Officers will be elected every two years, or as needed, at this meeting.

A meeting wasn't held until September.  A budget was not presented to general membership in September.  An annual meeting was not held in May or June.  An annual report did not come out until July 19th, and then only to a limited number of people.  There are serious concerns about the fact that in previous years the LPA has profited over $10,000 and this year we have a loss of nearly $7000. This deficit puts everything in jeopardy that the children of Lore have come to love and look forward to such as Camp Bernie which has been a tradition for over 30 years! There has been no opportunity to ask questions about the annual report.  The questions that have been asked have gone unanswered.

***We, the Lore Elementary School community, DEMAND the following:

 1) At the next meeting of the general membership, the following will be produced:  LPA bank statements from the 2018-19 fiscal year; all itemized receipts from vendors, check and bankcard transactions; and the starting and ending balance for fiscal year 2018-19                                                                                                      2) The president's possession of the bank debit card will be relinquished immediately and will only be reissued if a change in the by-laws is proposed and an affirmative vote for it's use by the president is achieved by the general membership                    3) A re-election for Vice President and Secretary will occur according to by-laws at the next meeting or in the September meeting - the positions that were chosen at Villa Rosa on 6/14 are null and void                                                                            4) There will be a vote at the next general member meeting to change over the LPA to a PTA/PTO

Should the above non-negotiable demands not be met with, the undersigned will demand immediate removal of the President from her position in accordance with NJ Statutes Title 15A. Corporation, Non Profits (being as though we do not have a clause for such a removal in our by-laws):  a. Any officer elected or appointed by the board may be removed by the board with or without cause.  An officer elected by the members may be removed, with or without cause, only by vote of the members, but the authority to act as an officer may be suspended by the board for cause.  The removal of an officer without cause shall be without prejudice to that officer's contract rights, if any.  Election or appointment of an officer shall not of itself create contract rights.

According to the by-laws, the president must inform of a general member meeting 5 days in advance.  We need as many signatures as we can ASAP so we can get this list of demands in prior to the scheduling of the summer LPA meeting the president has spoken of!  Please share this petition with as many concerned friends as possible!

A sincere thank you to everyone who is taking the time to get involved, to look at the facts and documentation and formulate your own opinions, and most importantly to care enough about the children at Lore School who trust in us to do what's right by them and set positive examples.  

- Parents for a Positive Change


0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!