Make Island Royale Wiki Official

Make Island Royale Wiki Official

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It all started with a motivation. On the early Mays, i saw other games have their own wikis, and i thought that it would be cool if Island Royale has one. On May 17, that is where it all started.

Me, Realify, and all the other wiki staffs, especially fruitcake, spent hours and hours working just on the BASE of the wiki. It was not easy to start a wiki. We went through a lot of hard times. I remember in the old days when I feel like quitting because i thought this wiki will never become a success.

On the 17th November of 2018, Sean announced and made the wiki "Officially Unofficial" which means that it is unofficial. I was happy that he pointed out our wiki in the #welcome-rules channel. But at the same time, I was really disappointed to the fact that it is not official, yet.

Marktheartest is a friend of mine. We are both interwiki staffs and he is an admin on the Jailbreak Wiki. On the 21st of November, I persuaded him that i could promote him if he makes good edits on Island Royale Wiki (since he has admin experiences). His reply was "Yeah I'll see later". Then, a minute later he was like "Jailbreak Wiki is about to get official BTW". 

On the following day, badimo tweeted out this:

I was shocked, sad, disappointed and was really jealous towards that fact.

I feel like when Island Royale Staffs is not a part of the staff in the wiki does not mean that it is not possible for the wiki to be made official. This is proven for the fact when badimo made Jailbreak Wikia official out of nowhere.

Making the Island Royale Wiki official will introduce A LOT of benefits, hear are some I can mention:

1. More people will be introduced to the wiki.

When more people are introduced to the wiki, some will be viewers and maybe some will be contributors! This makes the wiki a better place because more people can research on something together, discuss about things together, etc! More people means a result to the 2nd point which is 

2. Island Royale Wiki will be less contested.

Do you realise if you type on google Island Royale Wiki or Island Royale Codes on google it will show this on the 1st search bar: Sadly, many people fell for it. I can PROOF how and why.

By being in the 1st search bar, it explains that it gets MORE viewers than our wiki. This is a bad situation because it has NO information. The wiki activity there is also WAY MORE active than ours. I am sad seeing people going to the comments section of the codes page or any articles asking about easy to be found informations that they are curious about. I am not responding to each one of them because it is not just 1, or 2, but TONS of them. All the wiki's information are also outdated!

On the 11st of January, 2019 i tried to contact support to maybe remove that wiki or at least do something about it so that people will not lead to the misleading wiki. And after 1 hour, they closed the following wiki and redirected it to the real Island Royale Wiki. Which makes it 1 step closer to my dream of Island Royale Wiki being an official wiki!





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