I want to Ban BigDaddy from MCAP

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I want BigDaddy banned from MCAP because he is a liability to the staff and a general nuisance upon the server :3 >:(
He does not do anything to contribute and is a borderline raider that just so happens to have rimlicked the assholes of the mods at MCAP. He does not deserve to be apart of our EPIC community by any means. 

“if the world is ending you can’t just murder someone just because the world is ending”- Lord Beef 2k18 on the subject of 81 days worth of Phineas and Ferb songs in the music bot at the time MCAP 8 was on it's last legs.
Godbless Derumisis' soul

Listen to this for emotional and anxiety attacks

How I felt after discovering BigDaddy was banned from MCAP

XXXTENTACION is a good artist and deserves more respect. RIP Lil Peep :(