Approve out of sequence release of Lochaven Stage 10 & 11 before Stage 9 & H3 completion

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At a recent City of Casey Council meeting, the council passed a motion to not support the approval for out of sequence release of Stage 10 and 11 prior to the completion of Stage 9 and intersection H3 at Hall Road (Item 6.10 in the council meeting on Tue, 16th Oct 2018)

This request to approve the release of Stage 10 and 11 put forward by the Lochaven Estate developer (Dacland), also included letter of support from VicRoads in addition to the Council Officer's Report, which comprehensively supported this request. Despite the above, Council rejected the motion and enforced completion of H3 prior to release of SoC for any future stages at Lochaven. This decision will now see a delay of Stage 10 and 11 titles by up to 12 months, despite works being all but complete and the lots ready to be titled.

This petition is being put forward in a peaceful and cooperative manner to urge the council to rescind its decision and approve the release of Stage 10 and 11 prior to completion of intersection H3, considering the following:

1. Delay in titles for Stage 10 will now mean that 44 families will only be able to move into the homes in mid to late 2020. This will cause additional emotional and financial pressures on 44 families looking forward to living in their homes since Oct 2017.

2. Many of the prospective residents have already entered into contracts with their builders on the assurance that titles would be issued in Nov 2018. Delay in titles will now mean the residents will need to pay additional monies against build start delays, build price appreciation, additional rentals etc.

3. Delay in titles for Stage 11 will now mean the future school to be built in the estate will now be delayed by over a year, again negatively impacting residents and Cranbourne communities.

4. The Developer on the other side of Hall Road has on several occasions been given approval to release its stages out of sequence; thus setting a precedent.

5. Willingness of the developer to put in a significant amount as bank guarantee towards completion of the Intersection H3 before end of 2019. They have agreed to put in 150% of the estimated cost of building the intersection and have assured completion of this intersection. 

6. Majority of the accidents have occurred at the intersection of Hall Rd and Evans Rd and NOT where the proposed intersection H3 is to be built and hence enforcing the need to build intersection H3 does not significantly add to the safety on Hall Road. 

7. The Lochaven Estate (and nearby estates) have multiple other entry and exit options. This is in addition to the two new intersections that are being built by the developer on Evans Rd. Hence, enforcing the new intersection is not going to direct significant traffic away from other entry/exit points.

8. If SoC and titles are issued in Nov-2018, realistically residents will only have their homes built and ready to move in Q3/Q4 of 2019. This would coincide well with the build of Intersection H3 should council approve out of sequence release of Stage 10.

9. Opening of Intersection H3 prior to houses being built in the Estate (Stage 10, 8 and earlier stages) close to the intersection will cause further issues by way of traffic through the Lochaven estate, illegal dumping, theft. This will cause further inconvenience and safety issues to the Lochaven community

10. Overall, the Secondary Consent, the supporting planning and traffic advice, nor the Councillor’s report have identified any safety concerns on Hall Road (or other adjoining roads) in deferring the delivery of intersection H3

Thank you for your support and consideration.

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