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Families with disability and mental health to be helped

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To whom it may concern,
I am writing this with upset and grave concern for my friend. I have recently been made aware of the housing situation for Mandy Bennett, her children and Samantha Avery, currently living in Stoke. I have known Samantha for almost 12 years as she was living in Truro and has her family also living in Truro. She moved up to stoke in 2015, where she moved in with Mandy to help care for her and her children's needs. Mandy suffers from long term chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, mental health problems and fibromyalgia, which consequently, leads to depression. Samantha cares for her ( Having mental health issues herself ) as she has limited mobility and has to look after her 2 children. Where they are living, they are constantly being subjected to verbal abuse, threatening behaviour, leading to physical abuse to their children. They feel like prisoners in their own home, children included. Too afraid to go out. They have contacted the police/victim support on many occasion about the abuse they have been getting and log and report all incidents to send to their PCSO Tracey Hodgson, Helen Witte (anti social behaviour), Stoke city council, Cornwall council and home choice. They are and have been trying to move
from the area as it is no longer safe to reside there. Samantha's family and friends live in Truro, Cornwall and Mandy's sister lives in St Austell, Cornwall. They need a support network of friends and family around them and to remove themselves from the abuse and violence in the area they live. I have spoken to Samantha and Mandy at length and it is apparent that no one seems to be willing to help? I find this astonishing that all authorities are seemingly 'passing the buck' and not helping this family with their awful situation?!!! How can every system that's meant to protect vulnerable adults and children, be failing? I plan on setting up a campaign to get this family moved to Cornwall, contacting local papers, radio, local major etc...
Samantha and Mandy have given me permission to try and help in their plight to get moved back to Cornwall. I have been a resident in Cornwall all my life and i will do whatever it takes to aid them in their move. I have helped Samantha over the years with her own mental health and bullying issues, so i want to help make their lives better and free from hurt, bullying, abuse, violence etc....  
      I have been made aware that the police of Stoke are reluctant to pass on the evidence of the families abuse as its not 'hard evidence', although they keep a daily log of incidents that take place. They were told by victims support that on the register of high risk, they are at 39...the high risk starts at 28!!! Thet are desperate to move to Cornwall but cannot afford private rented as Mandy has long term illness and Sammy is her fulltime carer. Please help me get this family the help and support they need for a better, safer, happier life where they have the family and friends support they need?

Kind regards
Miss J L Rimmer

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