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Stop Giving Nigel Farage MEP Airtime Over Brexit.

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We, the undersigned, ask the BBC to be representative of the people of Britain in their broadcasts and stop giving more airtime to unelected and unrepresentative Nigel Farage than to the leaders of the Labour, Lib Dem, Green party and other political parties.

It is not necessary for the public to know Nigel Farage's opinion on every event happening in the UK. He does not represent anyone, not even his own party, which is one of the smaller parties in the UK. Also, his discourse is deliberately inflammatory in order to get him noticed, which you are rewarding by giving him so much time to express his views on air. Being unreasonable, hateful and incendiary may be good for a contestant on a reality show but this isn't Big Brother: it's the news.

Given how pitifully little airtime you give to the leaders of other major parties apart from the Conservatives, this insistence on presenting in detail every view from UKIP and particularly Nigel Farage suggests a strong bias on your part towards right-wing parties, This also gives the impression that the BBC is under pressure from the government to present a biased view.

As every British citizen pays TV Licence no matter how they voted the BBC Should be representative of the British public regardless of how they voted in the EU Referendum. 
We urge the BBC,
Please stop giving so much air time to populism and xenophobia and start to represent the views and needs of the wider population.

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