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Dismiss Jeremy Clarkson for his deliberate and offensive racism (Ofcom)

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  1. Jeremy Clarkson deliberately and repeatedy mumbled the N-word for laughs. He initially denied fault but the BBC found him guilty and issued him with a final written warning for that. The BBC said it factored in his public apology (and admission) in deciding not to sack him.
  2. However, the BBC ignored that Clarkson lied to the British public. He initially said that he had never used the N-word in his life but that is not true - it appears in his autobiography and footage of him saying the word was subsequently disclosed. Caught in a lie, it was only then, when facing dismissal, that he begged the British public for forgiveness. 
  3. He withdrew that apology the next day in the Sun newspaper. His apology was therefore merely a device; it was false, contrived and insincere. In modern UK it is the last refuge of the scoundrel. He again betrayed the British public.
  4. On 28 July 2014, Ofcom found Jeremy Clarkson had deliberately used an offensive and racist term, "slope".
  5. The BBC must now further discipline Clarkson for that and, as he is on a final written warning, they must sack him. Otherwise the final written warning was simply a sham - probably to seek to fool the British public that the BBC takes racism seriously. 
  6. By way of background, the Top Gear show uses casual racism to make profit for the BBC. Their racist steroetypes in turn cause BAME people in the UK to be bullied and harassed at work and in society and to be further humiliated if they became upset at what is said to be "British humour".    

  7. The show is scripted and the racism deliberate. The scripts are developed and approved for rehearsal. For example, all of the anti-Indian and anti-Mexican comments were scripted, except for the attack on the Mexican ambassador, which was improvised by Clarkson. Top Gear say it is "British humour"; but they know it is racism which is why they did not broadcast it in the USA. They know that the USA would see the racism for what it is. 

  8. The leaked footage of Clarkson repeatedly mumbling the N-word in filmed takes would therefore have probably occurred after script approval meetings, editorial and producer input and probably un-filmed rehearsals. None of the BBC staff present complained about the N-word usage.  

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