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Stop Unlawful Evictions, Make Those Responsible Accountable.

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Unfair, unjust and immoral are only some of the words to describe the distress that I have endured over the past 7 years.

A false claim has been brought to the civil court by "my neighbour". The original case began following re-roofing works to my property, Patel Cottage, Simmondley Village, Glossop, in early 2011. claimed that my builder had damaged a historical architectural water tabling feature which she called “thackstones”. She claimed it had been built into, her adjacent rising gable wall at Rose Cottage.

I attended a “trial” in the Manchester County Court, in August 2013, where was able to persuade Mr Recorder Freeman that this historical stone feature had really existed.

After the “trial”, I met the former owner of Rose Cottage (a time served builder who maintained historic buildings)  who informed me that these alleged water-tabling features had never existed and explained that all that was cut off were roof slates that belonged to Patel Cottage. He had also already informed of this when she went to see him.

In addition, having obtained a report from  a Qualified Chartered Building Surveyor, Conservation Architect and chartered structural engineer, there is no doubt that the stone feature "thackstones" has never ever existed to the gable wall of Rose Cottage and that the claims made for damages were false. The proof is still evident in the wall.

Since then, as a result of these false allegations, the solicitors of  have conspired to defraud me of my assets, having already extorted over £16,000 through fraud and deception. The solicitors are now trying to extort a further £90,000 without any proof.

Furthermore, I was unlawfully evicted from my home in June 2016 (which was covered by the national press and channel 4, at 10pm, on 15th June 2017), despite being the lawful and legal inhabitant of my home as the Land Registry Records clearly shows. Upon investigation, the paperwork involving my eviction, from a home that I legally owned, also showed discrepencies, deception and falsification.

I have sought redress through the police, and the courts, who tell me it is a civil matter. Fraud and Deception is not a civil matter; it is a criminal offence, of which the late Lord Denning said, “No Court in this land will allow a person to keep an advantage he has obtained by fraud. No judgement of a court, no order of a Minister, can be allowed to stand if it has been obtained by fraud. Fraud unravels everything.”

Failed by the courts and failed by the police, I am now asking public support for my petition to insist that the courts and/or the police investigate the facts as contained in my experts report and take any appropriate action necessary.    

Through my traumatic experience, I have learned that we, the honest people, are not treated fairly. We, the honest people, cannot afford standing up for justice without the risk of losing our home. We, the honest people, cannot win against a system which is ingrained with greed and has no regard for truth.

As a woman of our hard-working community I deserve a fair jury trial which is not plagued by fraud. I will not be ignored; I urge you to sign my petition so that I and the material evidence can demonstrate the truth and have a fair trial

Let’s set a precedent for fairness together.

Truth, Love and Gratitude :Rekhaben. xxx.


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