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Looted at gunpoint near ISBT Kashmere Gate, Delhi; Security of citizens at risk.

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On 1st Nov 2017, my father and his lady co-traveler was looted at gunpoint on one of Delhi's busiest streets ISBT Kashmere Gate, at a spot approx. 50 meters away from the police booth at around 9:00 PM.

While returning from their offices in Noida, they pulled over next to ISBT Kashmere Gate Police Booth as the car required a repair. As my father got off the car in order to check the bonnet, he and his co-traveler were threatened at gun-point and robbed off valuables including cash, credit cards, gold and mobile phones. Also, they stabbed him in the hand with the bottom of the gun, when  After the loot they simply moved along the crowd with the car keys (after locking the car) and leaving the traumatized passengers stranded on the road. 

Saddest part being the onlookers and pedestrians walked off ignoring the event, even upon being asked for help.

Apparently, the police officers at Civil Line Police Station had a very indifferent and irresponsible attitude to get the FIR registered. It took them a long 6 hrs to file the FIR. They tried distracting them from filing it and delayed the filing process till 2AM. They were hesitant to mention "looted at gun-point", but upon utmost insistence they finally filed the FIR only after timely intervention by Cartoonist and Journalist Sudheernath. 

What was the mistake that they as passengers do ? Was it that they pulled over at a busy place? Was it that the car required repair? or Was it that they were travelling at a "late hour" of 9 PM ? 

An impromptu question might pop in you mind;  Because, today this happens to my family, tomorrow it may happen to you. The basic amenity that every citizen roots for is safety in the country. I on today's note fear that my safety as a citizen of India is endangered. we are all endangered.

THE HINDU on 3rd Nov reported that, on the same day 4 such cases were reported. Delhi is definitely becoming the crime capital of the country.

So, I want you to sign this petition, to make the concerned authorities aware that our lives, peace and  dignity all are in danger. And the increasing crime in the country and especially the Capital needs to be curbed, because otherwise, we'll have a tough time leading our lives here.

My petition is to all the dignitaries concerned, esp. Minister of Road and Transport Nitin Gadkari, to kindly ensure safety for us as taxpaying citizens of this country. 





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