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Fashion Empowering Women Foundation’s tagline, “Look Good. Do Good. is MORE THAN A SLOGAN, IT'S A MOVEMENT, A LIFESTYLE: the idea that a generation can care just as much about social issues as they do about personal image and fashion. Join us in a nationwide movement to mobilize a generation to understand the value of their time and talent by giving back to their communities.

The Look Good. Do Good. movement will create awareness about volunteerism among millennial donors, people aged 18-30. FEW will engage 50,000 millennials in Look Good. Do Good. where they will pledge to support various non-profits. We will also raise $50,000 for deserving non-profits. FEW is founded on the idea that young, fashionable tastemakers can be altruistic; just as giving as we are fashionable. Our objective is to engage young adults everywhere to get involved in social good in any capacity- whether by donating a few hours a month, donating a pro-bono professional service or raising funds for causes dear to their hearts. Look Good. Do Good. is a national multi-faceted effort existing mainly online through social networks and in partnership with celebrities, community members, social and professional groups, bloggers, fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands as well as girls and women's non-profits. Details about official Look Good. Do Good. photo shoots are available on the campaign page, please visit

Sign the pledge to "LOOK GOOD AND DO GOOD", share it with everyone you know, and then leave us a comment about how you live the LOOK GOOD. DO GOOD lifestyle. We will share your comments throughout the campaign period from January to June 2012. 

Letter to
The Millennial Generation, aged 18-35
I just signed the Look Good. Do Good petition addressed to:

The Millennial Generation.


Step 1:
SIGN the petition on 
and commit to support one of FEW's non-profit partners in 2012 by volunteering your time, donating money or providing a professional pro-bono service. 

Step 2: DONATE toward the campaign goal of $50,000 to support 20 non-profit organizations- talk about an impact! Visit, click the DONATE button at the bottom left to make a donation, minimum of $25.

Step 3: POSE or RECORD for the Look Good. Do Good. Movement.
Visit for official photo shoot dates. You can also upload your own photo with you posing with a “I Look Good & Do Good” sign you created and send to FEW. Or record a video update on stating "How you look good and do good? (use the #LookGoodDoGood hashtag).

Step 4: SHARE your pledge on Facebook and Twitter using the #LookGoodDoGood hashtag. Invite family, colleagues and friends to join The Look Good. Do Good. Movement. sign the petition and spread the word.

I will make Social Good a part of mainstream conversation- a part of Pop Culture.


A Millennial who creates social change by being the change!