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End gender taxing in California

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     Every day, women across the state of California and the country pay up to twice as much as men for the same products. We need to end this blatant exploitation now!

     The California Gender Tax Repeal Act of 1995 currently bans services from having different costs solely based on the gender of the customer. However, this law does nothing to cover price differences in products. We want to change this.

     The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs studied the differences in prices of gendered products. New York has a similar policy as California, in that services must be priced equally for different genders, but there is no such restriction on gendered products. The study found that, on average, women pay 7% more than men on any given product. Specifically, personal care products cost 13% more when advertised towards women, and hair care products cost a whopping 48% more!

     Often, these price differences arise because the default target group of most products is men, and products geared towards women are seen as special. This idea arises from the fact that our society is centered around men. 

         We want the California Gender Tax Repeal Act to include products! We are asking Loni Hancock to propose an extension of this law to cover the pricing of products by businesses and manufacturers. This means that prices will no longer be based on gender or perceived gender, so they will be fair to everyone.


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